Edgeworking Profiling and Polishing

Dress your glass with a profiled or polished edge. Sinclair will grind and polish glass to your specifications for enhanced safety and an elegant, finished appearance.

Clean Cut – Produced when glass is scribed with a carbide wheel or diamond point and broken free. Clean-cut edges are the most economical option if the edges are not exposed in the final product.

Seamed – This finish is achieved when plain cut edges are wet sanded or ground at approximately 45 degrees to produce a small ground bevel. Typically, glass parts are seamed on both sides.

Flat Seamed – Plain cut outside edges are machine ground using diamond abrasive tooling. The finish has a dull, sandblasted appearance. The transition between the edge and top surface are close to 90 degrees but are typically seamed to resist chipping.

Flat polished – This edgework is shown here and is accomplished by grinding down the edge to the desired size and then polished to a high sheen finished look. The points are usually also polished down to 45 degrees to resist chipping.

Pencil polished – This polish creates a rounded smooth finish with a dull or high shiny surface. Pencil polished edges are an economical way to give the piece that finished machined look.

Beveled – A beveled edge results when a plain cut or smooth ground edge is ground to a significant depth at a specific angle from the top glass surface. The resulting bevel has a dull, sandblasted appearance as in a smooth ground edge. Beveled edges are usually desired for appearance and can be specified to various widths.