Patterned Glass Solution

Sinclair Glass offers a variety of distinctive patterned glass that adds sophistication and versatility to just about any design. There are literally hundreds of unique and interesting patterns to fit almost any design.

Perfect as a primary element or when used to highlight other architectural features, our patterned glass creates subtle shifting translucent light, and opens new opportunities for creative designs.

Patterned glass is accomplished by rolling a pattern during the manufacturing process(on one or both sides) with different patterns impressed on it. The depth, size, and shape of the patterns largely determines the magnitude and direction of reflection. Patterned glass usually transmits only slightly less light than regular. It can be used for a variety of applications: interior design and decorations, furniture, windows, kitchen cabinets, office partitions, etc.

Sinclair’s patterned glass selection is typically available in 3MM, 4MM, and 5MM and most can be tempered.